GAIA-2 SB.AU.-R290-

Température d'application

-18°C/-23°C (0°C/+2°C)

Basse temperature+temperature positive
Groupe loge
<p>Refrigeration statique</p>
<p>Degivrage par gaz chaud</p>
<p>R 290</p>
<p>Surface moyenne</p>
<p>Petite surface</p>
<p>IV gamme</p>
<p>Poisson pre-emballe</p>
<p>Lait frais</p>

The island Gaia 2 summarizes, in one cabinet, the philosophy of different models of Urano 2. The exhibitor, despite of an external width equal to an Urano 2 Maxi, allows access to the products from both sides and with separate openings like an Urano 2 Twin, solving the needs related to the displacement inside shops with smaller areas available.

Longeur sans joues
Surface d ’exposition horizontale
Capacité utile
2280 mm
2,03 m2
943 dm3