SWAN H165 G.I.

Température d'application


Temperature positive
Groupe loge
<p>Refrigeration ventilee</p>
<p>Degivrage naturel</p>
<p>R 452A</p>
<p>Surface moyenne</p>
<p>Petite surface</p>
<p>IV gamme</p>
<p>Lait frais</p>

A cabinet ideal for the display of beverages, meats and dairy products. Despite its small size and intended use for food industries, it is characterised by the same innovative design of the upper range models. Duct-able counters with a clear view from the shoulders for a more complete product visibility. The models with doors are equipped with low-e glazing to reduce heat loss and increase energy savings.

Longeur sans joues
Surface d ’exposition horizontale
Capacité utile
670 mm
0,73 m2
169 dm3
987 mm
1,10 m2
254 dm3
1300 mm
1,47 m2
338 dm3
1925 mm
2,20 m2
507 dm3